When considering the numerous options of your custom home plans, you must consider how long you intend to stay in this home. As a general rule, if you are staying in the home for ten years or more, it is recommended that the project be built to suit your personal taste and lifestyle. If you are uncertain about the length of stay at your custom residence, then a high resale value may be of more importance to you.

Landscaping is a major factor in home resale value. Landscaping should be low maintenance and neat. It should enhance the attractiveness of the home from a distance. Another factor that determines resale value is the comparison between your home and the other homes in your area. If your home has a single car garage and every other home on the block has a double car garage, it could negatively affect the resale value. Features that distinguish your home from the others around it could positively affect the resale value. Features such as a whirlpool or a stone fireplace can make a home more attractive to a buyer. Avoid any features that are blatantly contrary to the features of the neighborhood.

Take advantage of Rich Home Building and Developmentā€™s years of experience. Do not hesitate to ask our input on how a specific feature of your custom home plan may add or detract from the resale value of your home. In many cases, there exists a balance between features that add to the resale value and the features that make your home the home of your dreams.